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Murder On Washington Square

Murder On Washington Square


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Description for MURDER ON WASHINGTON SQUARE by Victoria Thompson:

As a midwife-in the turn-of-the-century tenements of New York City, Sarah Brandt has seen suffering and joy, birth and death. Now she is thrust into a twisted case of murder -- when a seductress falls victim to her own charades...

To Sarah Brandt, the mere thought of mild-mannered banker Nelson Ellsworth murdering his mistress seemed absurd. But to the police, it made perfect sense. Especially since the woman was allegedly carrying his child. But Sarah met the young woman the day before the incident. And something in her eyes made it quite clear that she was neither as poor nor as innocent as she would have people believe.

Now it will take the seasoned skill of Detective Frank Malloy to help clear Mr. Ellsworth's good name. And to determine if Sarah's suspicions are correct--that the victim may have been the victimizer...

This is #4 in A Gaslight Mystery.

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