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My Big Fake Green-Card Wedding

My Big Fake Green-Card Wedding


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Description for MY BIG FAKE GREEN-CARD WEDDING by Mollie Molay:

"I Do...For Now."

She might be the last twenty-nine-year-old virgin in Greece, but Melina Kostos did not need her overprotective father and brothers handpicking her husband! So when American businessman and single dad Adam Blake proposed a convenient marriage on her terms, she accepted. By Zeus, their bargain gave her everything she wanted: a gold band, a little girl to love and a green card.

So why wasn't it enough?

Because Melina wanted to break her no-touching-in-private rule and make her husband her first. Because she didn't want to be just a child's friend, she wanted to have Adam's babies. Because she wanted the whole thing -- big fat Greek wedding and all!

Harlequin American Romance #987, September, 2003.

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