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My Favorite Mistake

My Favorite Mistake


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Description for MY FAVORITE MISTAKE by Stephanie Bond taken from back cover:

This is Harlequin Blaze #169 from February 2005.

"I, Denise Cooke, take thee, Redford DeMoss, to be my lawful husband..."

No, wait...I did that already---three years ago in a Vegas chapel after one too many Long Island Iced Teas. I married a hunky U. S. Marine I'd met only hours before. (The uniform did it.) The wedding night---week---was spectacular. Then Redford went back to the Gulf. And I went back to my real life as a New York City financial planner...and filed for an annulment.

I'm dating Barry the TV producer these days, but I think about Redford...a lot. And now, thanks to an upcoming IRS audit, I'm about to see ex-husband again. So why am i flustered? He's probably married, and I have---um, what's his name. It's not as if Redford plans to take me back...or take me---gulp---to bed. Besides, I'd never make the same mistake twice.

Not even my favorite one...

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