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My Hero

My Hero


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Description for MY HERO by Mary McBride:

He took a bullet for the president.

Will he take an arrow through the heart?


Secret Service agent Cal Griffin took a bullet for the President and became an instant media magnet-and the man who can jump-start Holly Hick's TV career. The catch? Holly has to return to a sleepy town in Texas, a world she thought she'd left forever. For Cal, forced out of commission, recuperating in home sweet Honeycomb is just what he needs. No moony-eyed women! No reporters! Then skeptical Holly-who doesn't believe in heroes-arrives and they're both in big trouble. Maybe it's the way she attracts danger. Maybe it's the way he turns up the heat under her professional cool. Or maybe it's the way Cupid can't resist bringing together two people who rub each other the wrong way-just to watch them get it right!

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