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My Lord DeBurgh

My Lord DeBurgh


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Description for MY LORD DE BURGH by Deobrah Simmons:

He Was Like A Young God, Tall and Blessed With Startling Beauty.

But Stephen DeBurgh appeared all too human to Brigid L'Estrange. Self-indulgent and too impressed with himself, the rakish knight seemed unworthy of his noble heritage. And yet...AND YET! Why then did she sense a power and RIGHTNESS about him that answered her heart's deepest yearnings?

Escorting the strong-willed Brigid across the marshy wastes of Wales strained Stephen's temper near the breaking point. NEVER had he encountered a more contentious yet arousing female than Mistress L'Estrange - whose eyes bespoke a destiny that would change his life forever!

Harlequin Historical #533, October, 2000.

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