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My Revolutions

My Revolutions


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Description for MY REVOLUTIONS by Hari Kunzru:

Chris Carver is living a lie. His wife, their teenage daughter, and everyone in their circle know him as Michael Frame, suburban dad. They have no idea that as a radical student during the sixties he briefly became a terrorist---protesting the Vietnam War by setting off bombs around London. Until one day a ghost from his past turns up on his doorstep, forcing Chris on the run.

As Chris flees, he remembers his days as an isolated youth, hopelessly in love with Anna Addison, following her as she threw aside conventionality. Chris's rival for Anna's affections, the charismatic Sean Ward, was the leader of the radical August 14th Group. Egging one another on, the three inched closer and closer to the edge, until the events of one horrifying night forced them apart, never to see one another again.

Gripping, moving, provocative, and passionate, MY REVOLUTION brings to brilliant life both the radical idealism of the sixties and the darker currents that ran beneath it, the eddies of which still shape our history today.

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