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My Three Husbands

My Three Husbands


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The description for MY THREE HUSBANDS by Swan Adamson is taken from the back cover:

This is a Strapless Kensington book.

So, I, Venus Gilroy am getting married

...and I don't know where to begin. Like, should I go for the Jackie O A-line dress? (Classy, or dead boring?) The slinky goddess number? (Hot, but; "hot bride" is so...Britney.) A funky minidress? (Oops, promised Dad there'd be no tattoo issues...) At least I've got the perfect groom. this time.

So I've been married before. Well, twice, if we're counting. But this time is totally different, I swear! This time, I'm marrying the guy of my dreams in a small, family ceremony, and we're going on the perfect honeymoon and la-la-la-la-I-don't-hear-the-bad-things. Because this time, nothing could possibly go wrong...right?

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