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Night Music

Night Music


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Description for NIGHT MUSIC by Linda Cajio:

A Match Made In ...

Devlin Kitteridge was the last unmarried grandchild in his family, a confirmed bachelor-and impossibly arrogant, Hilary Rayburn decided. But she just couldn't turn down his scheme to bring her grandfather and his matchmaking grandmother together more than sixty years after a broken engagement-even if it meant carrying on a charade as lovers! She knew they were perfect opposites, with nothing in common but their plan... yet she couldn't catch her breath when he suddenly drew her close and kissed her into sweet oblivion. Dev wanted no part of this elegant social butterfly who seemed so clearly untouchable--until he succumbed to the surprise of her warmth, the shock of her softness, and the sizzle of her wanton imagination. Hilary had never tasted trouble before, but when Dev seduced her with fierce embraces and brash humor, he couldn't hide the old heartbreak that darkened his blue-green eyes. Could a highly unsuitable match be the healing legacy of a family feud?

Loveswept #505, November 1991.

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