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Night Raven

Night Raven

Author: Elaine Barbieri

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Very Good

Pages: 391

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Description for NIGHT RAVEN by Elaine Barbieri:

With his fierce golden eyes, Raven saw a vision of the future that torments him, drove him to seek vengeance against the white man. Famed for his fearless exploits, sought after by the women of his tribe, he has sworn to show no mercy to the enemies of the Apache. He saw her first in a dream, a woman with hair of shimmering gold and eyes of brilliant blue. Captured in battle, he was stunned when she appeared to doctor his wounds, even more shocked by the traitorous longing she roused in him.

But when he managed to escape the fort, sweeping her onto his horse as hostage, he refused to give in to his wildfire yearning. She, too, would know the torment of unfulfilled passion, he vowed, for she was his enemy. But with each tender touch of her lips to his, Raven found his resolve slipping, until captor became hostage and vengeance changed to mercy with the triumph of love.

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