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No Doubt

No Doubt


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Description for NO DOUBT by Laura Peyton Roberts:

Every time Jenna gets involved in Caitlin's life, she makes things worse. How could she have revealed her shy sister's crush on Peter's handsome brother? And now that she has, how can she earn back Caitlin's trust?

Just because she got in a little trouble, Nicole's parents have found her a job---at the restaurant where her perfect cousin, Gail, works. Nicole is less than thrilled to be around such a Goody Two-shoes until she discovers that Gail isn't quite as good as she remembered... or as all the adults seem to think.

In an unguarded moment, Miguel proposed to Leah. He'd have said anything to keep from losing her. But now that she seems on the verge of accepting, he's on the verge of panicking. Is marriage really the answer?

Clearwater Crossing #10

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