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No Place Like Home & Where Mercy Flows

No Place Like Home & Where Mercy Flows


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Description for Select Editions Large Type by Reader's Digest for NO PLACE LIKE HOME by Mary Higgins Clark and WHERE MERCY FLOWS by Karen Harter:

Description for NO PLACE LIKE HOME:

In a riveting thriller from the #1 bestselling Queen of Suspense, a young woman is ensnared into returning to the childhood home she wanted to leave behind forever--and where her hidden past emerges with a new and deadly twist.

Ten-year-old Liza Barton shoots her mother while trying to protect her from her violent husband--Liza's stepfather. While the death is ruled accidental, the tabloids still compare Liza to the child murderess Lizzie Borden.

Liza's adoptive parents change her name to Celia and try to erase all traces of her past. Widowed after a brief marriage in which she had a son, Jack, she remarries a young lawyer. Celia is happy until, on her birthday, he presents her with a gift--the house where she killed her mother. On moving in, they find the words LITTLE LIZZIE'S PLACE--BEWARE painted in red letters on the lawn. When the real estate agent who sold the house to her husband is murdered, she becomes a suspect. As she struggles to prove her innocence, Celia and her little son are being stalked by the killer.

Description for WHERE MERCY FLOWS:

When Samantha Dodd left home, it was for love. But 10 years later, she finds herself a single mother struggling to get by, and when she fails to shake a lingering illness, she must return to her hometown in Washington State. Accompanied by her illegitimate son, TJ, Samantha fears shell never earn the approval of her domineering father, a state supreme court judge with a black-and-white view of the world. As Samantha discovers the severity of her illness, she struggles with making amends for the mistakes of her past. But everything has changed since Samantha left, and just as she begins to understand her brusque and powerful father, she learns his life is being threatened.

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