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No Price Too High

No Price Too High


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Description for NO PRICE TOO HIGH by Jo Ann Ferguson:

When British hospitaller Melissande Chapeleine joined the Third crusade, she was undaunted by the peril lurking in the war-torn Holy Land. Intent on keeping her sacred vows at any cost, she managed to survive a bloody battle, and save the life of a dashing stranger who then swept her away. Melisande soon found herself in unfamiliar surroundings, held captive by the mysterious man known to his enemies as The Fox of the Wind...and consumed by forbidden desire. A vengeful Gabriel de la Rive believed he would risk anything to capture the ruthless bandits who terrorized his people--even his own life, and the life of the Englishwoman. Or would he? The beautiful Melisande provided him with bait for his cunning trap. Yet he could not deny his passionate longing for her amidst heated, sleepless nights under the same roof, or his growing need to keep her by his matter how high the price.

Precious Gem Historical Romance #25, June, 1999.

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