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No Roof But Heaven

No Roof But Heaven


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Description for NO ROOF BUT HEAVEN by Jeanne Williams:

In the wild prairie town of Mason-Dixon, Kansas, they shared a passionate destiny... Susanna -- A young schoolteacher with a will as fierce as her snapping green eyes. The Civil War had stolen everything but her spitfire spirit. Now she vowed to find a new life in an untamed land... Ase -- The most powerful man in Mason-Dixon. With looks and charm to match his money, he could have any woman in Kansas. But the one he wanted wouldn't say yes... Matt -- A handsome doctor as bitter as he was mysterious. His crippled hand would not let him practice medicine -- and a secret agony would him love... NO ROOF BUT HEAVEN--- Their lives were bound together by fortune and friendship. They would suffer and survive the heartaches of a harsh land -- and learn to love with hearts made bold by the taste of frontier freedom....

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