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No Sweeter Ecstasy

No Sweeter Ecstasy


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Description for NO SWEETER ECSTASY by Phoebe Conn:


When Marc Aragon saw the half-naked blonde climbing out of the window of a San Francisco brothel, the handsome sea captain happily caught the delightful bundle of golden curls and silken flesh in his arms. But he ended up with more than he'd counted on, for the lovely runaway claimed she'd lost her memory and begged him to help her trace the mystery of her past. Marc wanted to believe her tale of innocence, but one taste of her sweet, red lips assured him she was no novice in the ways of passion. So he made her a proposition that would be mutually beneficial -- he would be her protector ... if she would be his lover!


The desperate beauty was infuriated by Marc's arrogant terms. But she had no money, no memory of home -- she wouldn't even have a name if the rugged Californio hadn't decided call her April. She vowed tp lie cold and unresponsive in his bed -- he deserved no more -- but soon found herself unable to resist the deliciously persuasive caresses, the masterful, conquering kisses, the searingly intimate embrace that promised her there could be no greater passion, no wilder, love, No Sweeter Ecstasy.

This is #2 in Hearts Of California Series.

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