Notes From A Liar And Her Dog

Notes From A Liar And Her Dog


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Description for NOTES FROM A LIAR AND HER DOG by Gennifer Choldenko:

Ant MacPherson?ÇÖs Basic Rules Of Life

1. Dogs are better than people.

2. The more you say, the longer they ground you for.

3. Lying only works if you keep it short.

4. Never be nice to people who make fun of you.

5. It?ÇÖs okay to keep a chicken in your house, so long as he?ÇÖs housebroken.

6. Make sure school doesn?ÇÖt get in the way of important things like your friends.

7. Don?ÇÖt waste the truth on people who won?ÇÖt understand.

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