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Nothing To Lose

Nothing To Lose


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Description for NOTHING TO LOSE by S K McClafferty:

Final Moves

Twelve years ago, the brutal murders of the Call family rocked the sleepy town of Nazareth, New Mexico--and a copycat killer has just struck again. Another family. Same M.O. Same house where Deke Call grew up, the only person to survive the bloodbath. Now he's an undercover cop gone bad, shattered by the violent deaths of everyone he ever loved. Three names are tattooed on his flesh...his mother, sister, and the manipulative prostitute who betrayed him to a vicious gang. His only chance for redemption: find the murderer. His saving grace: Anna Sandoval.

Anna is beautiful--and tough--with a journalist's understanding of the dark side of the human psyche. Drawn inexorably to Deke, her obsession with the murders rivals his own. But their intense emotional--and sexual--attraction is about to explode. Each has secrets that bind them to a terrible night of long ago...and to each other...

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