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Description for NOVA by Samuel R Delany:

A passion for vengeance drove Captain Lorq von Ray to dare what no mortal had done---to sail through the splintering core of a disintegrating sun.

Von Ray's obsession drew aimless souls into the vortex of his madness---wandering adventurers who would plug into any ship that promised escape:

MOUSE: A young gypsy, he created blindingly beautiful visions on the syrynx, an instrument of sensor projection.

IDAS and LYNCEOS: Twins from the outer colonies, one black, one albino.

SEBASTIAN: A golden-haired man who traveled the stars with his Tarot-reading mate and six black-taloned beasts.

KATIN: The scholar who loved the silent moons of the universe above all the powerful suns and gaudy planets.

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