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Of Quests And Kings

Of Quests And Kings


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Description for OF QUESTS AND KINGS by Robert Adams:


It all began with a small group of people who were trapped in Bass Foster's twentieth-century American home during a terrible storm. Somehow they were carried back through time and space to an alternate seventeenth-century England, a realm at war and ruled by Arthur Tudor. Bass, Krystal, and the rest had either adapted to their strange new home---or died in the attempt. And now, Bass, a Duke of the Realm, and one of the king's most valued commanders, had been given a seemingly impossible mission: to unite the warring kingdoms of Ireland under Arthur's own loyal ally, King Brian.

But in Ireland waited both treacherous friends and bloodthirsty enemies. And mobilizing for action as well were the well-trained forces of the Holy Roman Empire, and a foe who could destroy them all---the mysterious lords of the Time Projector!

This is #3 in Castaways Of Time Series.

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