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Once An Outlaw

Once An Outlaw


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Description for ONCE AN OUTLAW by Jill Gregory:

To the lawman, she was the greatest danger of all....

Did he steal her heart -- or did she give it away?

A newcomer to Forlorn Valley, Emily Spoon vowed never to lose her family or her land again. Here was the future. Uncle Jake and the boys could go straight. She could set up her own dressmaking business. But her dreams for a fresh start turned to dust when a stranger accosted her, demanding to know the whereabouts of the Spoon gang.

Heaven help her, Emily had never seen a man so handsome. Only later did she learn his name: Clint Barclay, the sheriff who'd destroyed her family -- and now threatened her resolute heart....

Clint Barclay rode off, unable to forget the rifle-toting, icy-tongued beauty from a family of outlaws. Emily Spoon swore they'd gone straight, but Clint knew better -- he'd jailed the Spoons before and knew he'd do it again....

Then one stunning, burning kiss at a dance changed everything. Suddenly Clint realized that he'd found the only woman he'd ever really wanted -- but he couldn't have her ... not unless he was willing to sleep with the enemy for the rest of his life....

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