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Operation Babe-Magnet & Operation Beauty

Operation Babe-Magnet & Operation Beauty


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Description for OPERATION BABE-MAGNET & OPERATION BEAUTY by Kristin Gabriel:


Dexter D. Kane will do anything to take over the family business -- even if it means masquerading as a gigolo! But when publicist Kylie Timberlake offers him a job, Dexter happily jumps into his new role. Kylie desperately needs a man to impersonate Harry Hanover, the author of numerous sexual self-help books. She wants to make everybody wild about Harry. But Dex would settle for Kylie being wild about him....


Sam T. Kane loves women -- but he doesn't want to be one! Unfortunately, Sam's mission is to infiltrate Ladybug Lingerie and steal its newest, top-secret bra design. So Sam reluctantly dons a wig and panty hose -- and ends up falling for Lauren McBride, his new boss. But how can he convince Lauren he's the man of her dreams -- when she considers him "just one of the girls"?

Harlequin Duets #61, October, 2001.

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