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Our Secret, Siri Aang

Our Secret, Siri Aang


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Description for OUR SECRET, SIRI AANG by Cristina Kessler:

Twelve-year-old Namelok can't tell anyone about the mother black rhino and her baby that she found in the bush while collecting firewood for her Maasai tribe. She vows to protect them always, visit them often, and to keep them secret. But when her initiation into womanhood threatens her secret visits, Namelok must say goodbye to her precious animal friends. Before she can, though, she makes a horrifying discovery, one that sends her on a harrowing journey into the bush in a desperate search for poachers and the justice they deserve.

Cristina Kessler has written a powerful and authentic story of a young girl's love for a rhino mother and her baby, and of her courage to challenge tradition to defend them.

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