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Out Of Order

Out Of Order


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Description for OUT OF ORDER by Barbara Dunlop:

Jailbird? No way. Until the cops come with irresistible proof -- and handcuffs!

Yep, Shelby Jacobs is busted for gunrunning -- but all she knows is that her boss is a jerk. More temp jobs won't cover her bail -- or even get a decent lawyer. Luckily, Shelby's roommate's fiance's partner (don't ask) can take the case. Trouble is, the feelings Dallas Williams stirs in Shelby are quite indecent -- especially as she knows she'll never fit into his structured world.

Still, since Shelby always pays her debts, she takes a temporary job with Dallas's firm -- and promptly starts interfering with his other cases. Will her impulsive ways lead to another fall?

And does she care?

Harlequin Flipside #22, August, 2004.

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