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Over There

Over There


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Description for OVER THERE by Thomas Fleming:

Red-haired ex-pacifist Polly Warden is determined to prove women can face violence and death as courageously as men. In a French hospital, she discovers the war's awful reality---and Dr. Paul Lebrun, who reaches out to her as a refuge from his surgical ward. Outspoken Major General Malvern Hill Bliss doubts whether an unprepared America can defeat German storm-troopers. He has even graver fears for his friend General John J Pershing, tormented by the recent deaths of his wife and three daughters.

Bliss is stunned by the revelations of Anita Sinclair, a bitter British feminist who is determined to prevent her country's "butcher generals" from seizing control of the American army. In Paris, wealthy, beautiful expatriate Louise Wolcott, queen of "la guerre de luxe", is determined to add Pershing to her list of conquests. Paul Lebrun's father, the powerful and sinister Charles Louis Lebrun, entwines Polly in a political intrigue that proposes a surrender to Germany. The Sappho of Paris, sultry Natalie Barney, helps Louise lure Polly's naive friend Eleanor Kingswood, into her private no-man's-land.

From antiwar demonstrations in the streets of New York to the seething battlefields of the Marne, OVER THERE is a stunning panorama of World War I's politics and passions---and a new vision of the men and women who sought to change the world and were forever changed by it.

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