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Pale As The Dead

Pale As The Dead


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Description for PALE AS THE DEAD by Fiona Mountain:

Still struggling to find the elusive roots of her own heritage, genealogist Natasha Blake has a passion for history, for locating the links between the living and the dead, and now, for uncovering their secrets...

Bethany Marshall, a young photographer's model, has disappeared. The only clue to her whereabouts is her haunted obsession with a pre-Raphaelite beauty who posed for Dante Gabriel Rossetti and may have committed suicide centuries ago--and the fear is that Bethany may have emulated her fate. Or even more chilling, become the victim of someone else's deadly obsession...

An expert in solving the bloodline puzzles of the past, Natasha is compelled to investigate. The spellbinding venture leads her into the labyrinthine secrets of an old diary, the dangerous shadows of Bethany's strange lover, the darkness of a long-forgotten grave-- and the deadly truths of a lineage that has yet to claim its last life.

This is #1 in A Natasha Blake Mystery series.

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