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Pale Moon Stalker

Pale Moon Stalker

Author: Shirl Henke

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 324

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Description for PALE MOON STALKER by Shirl Henke:

She needs a killer...

Sky Brewster swore to her dying husband that she would not kill his murderer. But her heart cries out for justice, and she will not be satisfied until she sees the gunman dead at her feet. To get the job done, she'll leave her Sioux people to make a devil's bargain with a man whose talent as an assassin is surpassed only by his skills at seduction.

He needs a wife...

Max Stanhope is an infamous English bounty hunter who always delivers--dead or alive. But now he must take a wife to claim his birthright. When his newest client turns out to be as delectable as she is passionate, he figures he'll mix business with pleasure.

The beautiful widow and the Limey make a deal: her hand in marriage for his special skills. But an old Cheyenne medicine man has seen the Great Spirit's grand design, and True Dreamer knows Sky Eyes of the Sioux is destined to love the...


This is #2 in Nymph Series.

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