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Parenting When Your Child Is An Adult

Parenting When Your Child Is An Adult


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Description for PARENTING WHEN YOUR CHILD IS AN ADULT by Dale M Jacobs, M.D. and Renee Gordon Jacobs, MSW:

There are countless manuals to help new parents, parents of toddlers and preschoolers, and parents of rebellious adolescents. But that's when the guidance ends: left out of the equation is how mothers and fathers can relate to their grown offspring. Now, that gap is filled: in these informative, reassuring pages, two family care professionals-a child psychiatrist and a social worker-offer parents valuable advice in dealing with their adult children. Using actual case studies as examples, they describe a host of typical problems that arise, from substance abuse and finances to divorce and sex, and offer solutions for fostering good communication. What happens if the child returns to the nest after losing a job-or with a couple of grandkids? What should parents do if their child is arrested? What is the best way to handle sleeping arrangements when a child's lover comes to stay? The subjects covered range from single parenthood to homosexuality, from legal issues to eating disorders. With the knowledge imparted here, parents will understand how to resolve difficult situations respectfully and lovingly.

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