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Passion's Chains

Passion's Chains

Author: Catherine Creel

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 448

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Description for PASSION'S CHAINS by Catherine Creel:

Lady Eden Parrish stared in shock at the bare-chested, blue-eyed rogue who stood so proudly on the Bridgetown auction block-- he was none other than her husband, the despicable Roark St. Clair! Eden had been sent to Barbados in disgrace after her brief, scandalous marriage to the unscrupulous American spy...after the way he'd betrayed her, she ought to let his contract of indenture be sold to the highest bidder. But memories of how it felt to be embraced by those strong arms and held tight against that well-muscled chest flooded her mind and body, and soon Eden was offering a fortune for the right to claim him as her own!

Roark had come to Barbados for only one reason--to reclaim his runaway bride. Of course, getting captured by the British and sold into slavery hadn't been part of the plan, but t situation was working out nicely, things considered. He would find a to escape and take the luscious along, with or without her consent. The little minx might be his mistress now, but he'd soon be her master. He knew just how to tame her wild spirit and make those emerald eyes shimmer with passion's fire. Before long, he would possess every silken inch of her...for this night and all the nights to come!

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