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Passion's Gold

Passion's Gold


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Description for PASSION'S GOLD by Susan Sackett:


Determined to escape the domination of her wealthy Philadelphia family, Cass Wycombe sets out to find her long lost father, who years ago went west in search of gold.

Only rough-hewn Jesse Tanner renowned tracker, arrogant adventurer, virile gambler, can do the job. But Jesse's wry smile and taunting blue eyes reveal all too clearly his scorn for this rich Eastern beauty. As again and again Jesse saves them from death in the forbidding mountain wilderness, Cass rails against her utter dependence on this man whose smoldering anger destroys their uneasy truce... whose ardent kisses unleash desires too long denied. And even as they face a life-threatening danger from the world she left behind, Cass is torn between the raging fury that still burns within her and the overwhelming temptation to surrender to the magnificent passion of their love.

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