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Passion's Melody

Passion's Melody


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Description for PASSION'S MELODY by Jane Toombs:


She had the gift of song and the inner strength of the shaman. But her visions did not warn her that she would be captured by the savage Sioux...or rescued from the brink of death by an even more dangerous enemy. Sworn to hate the blue-eyed stranger who now owned her--body and soul--Snow Flower could not resist the fiery passion he awoke in her wild heart. And though turbulent destiny would soon tear him from her arms, she knew she would follow him to the ends of the earth...


He won her in a game of chance. Descended from an aristocratic British family, Kegan Kendall had sought his fortune in the New World. He never expected to find himself fleeing for his life from those who called him spy--or to save a bewitching Chippewa medicine woman! Her enchanting beauty and golden voice would haunt him all the way back to England in a glorious song of love that would bind their souls for all eternity.

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