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Passion's Thunder

Passion's Thunder


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Description for PASSION'S THUNDER by Lauren Wilde:

Anne Phillips was wide-eyed as she arrived in Cheyenne, Wyoming. She'd come West to share in the building of the Transcontinental Railroad, but what she found in the wild frontier town was more than she expected. Gaming halls, saloons, ladies of the night...what had she gotten herself into? Still, it was the appearance of the ruggedly handsome and broad-shouldered Guy Masters which disturbed her the most.

Guy Masters had more on his mind than playing nursemaid to a naive little ninny like Annie Phillips. He had seen enough brawls and fistfights to know that quick-thinking and sharp-shooting were the only way to survive in Cheyenne, and it seemed pretty obvious that the delicate Miss Phillips was out of her element. He was damned if he would waste his time teaching her about living in the Wild West, but that honey-blond hair, those deep blue eyes and her soft full lips held an attractin he couldn't resist. Miss Phillips might not know much about the thrill of frontier living, but Guy aimed to educate her in the pleasures of wild and passionate loving!

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