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Patchwork Angel

Patchwork Angel


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Description for PATCHWORK ANGEL by Laurel Collins:

In The Midst OF War

Freespirited, unconventional Maggie Wade grew up in the backwoods of Southern Illinois, mastering the healing arts, content with her simple life. But when The War Between the States erupted, Maggie's life was forever changed. Horrified at the conditions present in the field hospital, she was swept into the lives of the fallen soldiers--while the woman in her was swept into the heart of Dr. Bryce Cameron.

The Greatest Battle

An army surgeon as discipline and rigid as Maggie was outspoken and unpredictable, Bryce made the code of the army the code of his heart. This impetuous young beauty, with her warmth, determination, and tireless efforts, was disrupting both his hospital and his life!

Was Fought In Their Hearts

Maggie was certain the handsome, well-bred doctor could never love a woman whose only schooling was in the ways of nature...until his heart kisses inflamed a desire she never dreamed possible. Now, caught in their own passionate, private war, Maggie and Bryce's only choice was to surrender to love--and still the battle raging in their hearts.

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