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Pearl Moon

Pearl Moon


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Description for PEARL MOON by Katherine Stone:

Pulsing with romance, danger, and excitement, PEARL MOON is the ravishing tale of two gifted sister, strangers to each other who were raised half a world apart. Hurled together by circumstances into a fateful conflict, Allison Whitaker and Maylene Kwan must confront each other and their pasts--and the men they will love with passionate intensity in exotic and turbulent Hong Kong, a city on the brink of metamorphosis from British Crown Colony to Chinese possession.

Pressure builds for completion of the luxury hotel they're involved in developing. Both will know the deadly menace of a force as elusive as the morning fog swirling over Victoria Peak...and as deadly as the typhoons that strike the island with such fury. The love of British aristocrat James Drake for the beautiful Allison and of rugged Texan Sam Coulter for the exquisite Maylene will be tested in an unforgettable life and death struggle.

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