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Phantom Prey

Phantom Prey

Author: John Sandford

Book Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used/Good

Pages: 469

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Description for PHANTOM PREY by John Sandford:

A widow comes home to her large house in a wealthy, exclusive suburb to find blood everywhere, no body--and her collegeaged daughter missing. She's always known that her daughter ran with a bad bunch. What did she call them "Goths"? Freaks is more like it, running around with all that makeup and black clothing, listening to that awful music, so attracted to death. And now this.

But the police can't find the girl, alive or dead, and when a second Goth is found slashed to death in Minneapolis, the widow truly panics. There's someone she knows, a surgeon named Weather Davenport, whose husband is a big deal with the police, and she implores Weather to get him directly involved. Lucas begins to investigate only reluctantly--but then when a third Goth is slashed in what is now looking like a Jack-the-Ripper series of killings, he starts working it hard. The clues don't seem to add up, though. And then there's the young Goth who keeps appearing and disappearing: Who is she? Where does she come from and, more important, where does she vanish to? And why does Lucas keep getting the sneaking suspicion that there is something else going on here . . . something very, very bad indeed?

This is #18 in Lucas Davenport series.

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