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Picture Of Innocence

Picture Of Innocence


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Description for PICTURE OF INNOCENCE by Jill McGown:

East Midlands farmer Bernard Bailey, a violent man with a brutal temper, stands to pocket a hefty inheritance if he fathers a male child. After destroying one wife to achieve this end, Bailey turns his next marriage into a twisted business arrangement. If his new spouse produces a son, she will be paid handsomely for her trouble. But the real trouble is just beginning.

After six months of receiving highly publicized death threats, Bailey becomes just another statistic--a bloodied corpse discarded on his secluded farm. But the unusual question for Detective Chief Inspector Lloyd and Detective Inspector Judy Hill is, Why wasn't the monster killed sooner? For Bailey aroused murderous passions in just about everyone, from the abused daughter of his first marriage to his second wife's clandestine lover. Beneath the obvious lies a labyrinth of deceit--and the shocking truth lies deeper still. . . .

This is #9 in An Inspector Lloyd And Judy Hill Mystery.

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