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Pillsbury's Creative Cooking In Minutes

Pillsbury's Creative Cooking In Minutes


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Description for PILLSBURY'S CREATIVE COOKING IN MINUTES edited by Dianne Hennessey King:

Pillsbury Publications is pleased to present a cook book for people who like to cook and care about food but who don't have all the free time that they would like to have. PILLSBURY'S CREATIVE COOKING IN MINUTES helps you serve a great meal in a short period of time.

Homemakers took an active part in designing this book. They told us that anyone could ave time by opening a can or box and heating the contents...what they wanted were quick, creative food ideas that they could serve to their families with pride.

Following recipe development and testing in "Publications' Kitchens", the recipes were given to homemakers to be tried again and served to their friends and families. Their invaluable suggestions assisted us in creating a completely usable cook book.

The recipes for this book were selected on the basis of their family appeal, nutritional contribution to the meal plan and ease of preparation. We have coordinated some of these recipes into menu suggestions. Each of the menus is complete, but you may want to use only part of it along with your old favorites or combine other recipes in this book into completely new menus.

Cooking for your family doesn't have to be a dull chore. We hope you find in this book all kind of new ideas for creative meals that allow you to spend less time in the kitchen, yet serve your family praise-worthy meals.

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