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Plague Ship

Plague Ship


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Description for PLAGUE SHIP by Clive Cussler & Jack Du Brul:

Clive Cussler returns with a new novel in his New York Times bestselling Oregon Files, as Captain Juan Cabrillo and the motley crew of his high-tech spy ship take on their most extraordinary -- and lethal -- mission yet . . .

The Oregon is churning sea in the Persian Gulf, returning from a secret mission against Iran, when it comes across a cruise ship adrift at sea -- with no signs of life. Cabrillo and his crew are shocked to find hundreds of bodies littering the deck, killed by an unknown virus. One lone survivor is recovered before explosions rip through the length of the ship, destroying any clues.

The answer lies within a mysterious cabal known as the Responsivists -- a demented cult devoted to controlling the earth's population by any means necessary. They have found the means to their madness hidden in an ancient ship. And they are about to unleash their wrath on the human race.

And Cabrillo may already be too late to stop them . .

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