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Play The Game

Play The Game


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Description for PLAY THE GAME by Doug Dixon:

When Mya LeVeaux discovers that her ex-boyfriend is engaged--not to mention that her own father, Bishop Franklyn LeVeaux, is performing the marriage ceremony--there's only one thing to relieve her pain: shopping (nothing like a new pair of shoes to heal a broken heart!). And since Mya is new to Atlanta, a couple of new friends wouldn't hurt either--which is exactly what she finds attached to a pair of burgundy boots...

Childhood pals Stephanie Hall and Tangie Jackson are on their weekly girls' day out at the mall. For Stephanie, it's the perfect way to give her just-out-of-jail boyfriend some alone time with their two-year-old son. For Tangie, today is a celebration of divorce number two. After a brief tug-of-war over a sexy pair of boots with Mya, the three discover they have more in common than their taste in footwear...

With two marriages behind her, Tangie is just looking for a good time--even if it's with someone else's husband. Stephanie is just trying to keep it together for her son, putting up with her man's unemployment and waywardness. As for Maya, the only thing she's curling up with these days is a good book. But now that she has her girls in her life, that may be about to change, as each woman deals with the game of love in her own special way--for better or for worse...

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