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Please Write For Details

Please Write For Details


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Description for PLEASE WRITE FOR DETAILS by John D MacDonald:


When a jaded exponent of the Fast Buck hitches his starload of schemes to the salacious bent of a well-heeled, well-oiled divorcee, the result is a daffy mail-ordered Mexican art colony known as the Cuernavaca Summer Workshop.

The Unique goings-on and comings-off of the members of this oddball establishment are the stuff a he-man's dreams are made of. It is a positively no-money-back, uninhibited, unabridged romp through passion and Picasso under the naked Mexican sun, where East meets West, North meets South, Madison Avenue goes native, and long-stemmed Texas lovelies unveil their astonishing natural equipment in the hallowed name of culture.

This is Fawcett Gold Medal book 1-4080-6

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