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Pressed To Kill

Pressed To Kill


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Description for PRESSED TO KILL by Dolores Johnson:

When normally dowdy Ardith Brewster starts bringing in her new, colorful, stylish clothing to Dyer's Cleaners, Mandy Dyer knows love is in the air. So who has inspired such sartorial splendor in the forty-something loan officer? Ardith confesses she met Mr. Right at Mandy's recent open house. But when Ardith is strangled to death, Mandy is stunned and guilt-ridden. She suspects the killer is one of her customers.

The police connect Ardith's murder to another local slaying, which makes Mandy doubly anxious, especially when her snooping reveals that the first victim was also a customer who bore a striking resemblance to Ardith. Mandy is convinced the killer is lurking right under her nose, and quite possibly watching her every move.

Still, she delves into her database looking for clues, determined to nail a dapper dresser who likes his ladies pressed and dressed to kill.

This is #8 in A Mandy Dyer Mystery.

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