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Pressure Point

Pressure Point


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Description for PRESSURE POINT by Don Pendleton:

A World Gone Mad. Indonesia is ground zero in a new wave of global terrorism . . .

Jihad strikes the heart of Indonesia in a vicious terrorist onslaught to seize control of the entire region. The collusion of local extremist factions and the most powerful global terrorist network had produced a formidable enemy with the means -- and the will -- to unleash genocide.

As part of covert U.S. intervention in the crisis, Mack Bolan and key Stony Man operatives are tasked with finding the terrorists' stronghold and weapons of mass destruction. But time is running out and the enemy's strategy and skill are putting the odds at zero for a successful mission.

Nations are under siege in a world gone insanely wrong, and Bolan is at the epicenter of the madness. But he's been there before. And there's a way out . . .

This is #94 in Super Mack Bolan Series.

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