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Prey Dancing

Prey Dancing


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Description for PREY DANCING by Jonathan Gash:

The much-anticipated second novel in Gash's new series sends his sexy, smart heroine, Dr. Clare Burtonall, to the streets of London's underworld This second installment in the new mystery series the critics have called "cause for rejoicing" (Kirkus Reviews) finds doctor-cum-detective Clare Burtonall working the late shift at the city hospital. Just before dying, a young patient whispers to Clare a message she wants delivered to her boyfriend, Jase: "Forgive." Clare's search for the young man leads her into London's dark underworld--a journey she wouldn't consider taking without the help of her sometime partner, Bonn, the high-priced male prostitute whose erotic appeal is starting to hinder their "working" relationship.

When Jase, a deadly accurate gunman for a ring of drug runners, is abandoned by his compatriots, he seeks revenge of the bloodiest kind. And, convinced that Clare caused his girlfriend's death, he's added her to his long list of potential victims. Now Bonn must use his unsavory connections to play diplomat--a tough assignment in a world where a slip of the tongue can prove deadly.

This is #2 in A Dr. Clare Burtonall Mystery series.

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