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Prime Time

Prime Time


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Description for PRIME TIME by Laura Peyton Roberts:

Jesse?ÇÖs finally going to see his brothers after all this time . . . but will this be the awesome reunion he?ÇÖs banking on?

Miguel is having the summer of his life?Çôhelping out at the day camp, working at the hospital, and spending every spare minute with Leah. To top it off, he and his family are about to move into a house of their own. Can life really be this good?

Jesse can barely believe that he and Melanie are finally together. So how can he leave her? Sure, he knows he promised to visit his older brothers in California . . . but promises are meant to be broken, aren?ÇÖt they?

Nicole?ÇÖs mom is having a baby! How could her parents do this to her? Don?ÇÖt they know how embarrassing this will be? More importantly, don?ÇÖt they realize they could all end up with another Heather on their hands?

Clearwater Crossings #18.

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