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Prince Charming

Prince Charming


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Description for PRINCE CHARMING by Robin Wells:


Desperate for a short-order cook, Cole Dumanski hired a penniless socialite, only to discover she couldn't boil water. Still, the prim and proper Josephine Evans had no trouble raising his body temperature. But while she aimed to give him a few lessons in manners, he longed to tutor her body, little suspecting he had found a safe harbor for his heart.


Hailing from the New Orleans School for Etiquette and Social Graces, Josephine stood ill-prepared to sail the Mississippi with a rowdy crew led by a foul-mouthed, uncouth captain. Never had Josephine met a man who could benefit more from her expertise. His broad chest and solid biceps spoke little of refinement and more of blatant masculinity, and the way his touch made her heart race was less than ladylike. But beneath his hard exterior Josephine detected a sensitive, caring man, and before they had reached their port of call she wondered if she had found a prince among sailors.

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