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Description for PROJECTION by Keith Ablow:

Once an accomplished plastic surgeon, Trevor Lucas started using his scalpel to do very bad things. Now locked in a Boston psychiatric hospital, Lucas is holding the ward hostage - and performing grisly "operations" on his prisoners...

Willing to strike a deal, Lucas asks for forensic psychiatrist Frank Clevenger. What Lucas knows about Clevenger could ruin the psychiatrist. What Clevenger can find out about Lucas could save the surgeon. And he's got twenty-four hours to do it...

As Clevenger feverishly delves into Lucas's nightmarish past, what he discovers is chilling, disturbing, and all too familiar. For Clevenger can't help but wonder if his proximity to killers and madmen is coincidence, or something much more complex...

This is #2 in Frank Clevenger, M. D. Series.

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