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Purgatory's Gate

Purgatory's Gate


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Description for PURGATORY'S GATE by Raymond van Over:

A dead young woman A mysterious cult A murdered best friend

A menacing evil A trio of bloody killings Religious fanatics on the loose A black mass of ritual beheadings A satanic madness rules all

After healthy young Debra Miller dies giving birth, guilt-ridden Dr. David Monroe's secret investigation yields the discovery of a truth too horrifying to believe: a bloodthirsty satanic cult is preparing the way for the Anti-Christ.

Our deepest, darkest dreams of hell on earth are about to become reality. With the help of a disillusioned priest, Monroe has to confront the battle between good and evil that lurks in the human mind. To find those who are committed to do anything, no matter how ruthless, to fulfill their fanatic religious beliefs...before his blood is sacrificed next.

Enter Purgatory's Gate and discover a world where madness and violence reign.

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