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Ragged Rainbows

Ragged Rainbows


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Description for RAGGED RAINBOWS by Linda Lael Miller and Janice Kay Johnson:

Description for RAGGED RAINBOWS by Linda Lael Miller:

SHAY KENDALL... Bright, determined, she had lived her life in the shadow of her movie-star mother. But now that Rosamond's illness had forced her into retirement and obscurity, Shay's life was fading as fast as her mother's Hollywood glory.

MITCH PRESCOTT ... Forceful, probing, he had made his name as an author of scathing exposes. Mitch had expected Rosamond's biography to be an easy assignment. But the more he worked with Shay, the more Mitch found himself chasing rainbows--and Shay's heart . .

Description for THE MIRACLE BABY by Janice Kay Johnson:

If having a baby with a stranger is what it'll take to save her daughter's life...Beth McCabe is willing to have one.

Is the stranger?

Nate McCabe hasn't seen or spoken to his identical twin brother, Rob, for fifteen years. Now Rob is dead and Nate learns that Rob's widow, Beth, and her young daughter, Mandy, need him--but only because he's Rob's twin. Only because they need a miracle.

Mandy will die without a bone-marrow transplant. When Nate's tissue fails to match, Beth persuades him to step into his brother's shoes and father a baby--Beth's baby--a child who has a one-in-four chance of saving Mandy's life.

Nate learns to love Mandy and her beautiful mother--to say nothing of his future child. But when Beth looks into Nate's eyes and tells him she loves him, who is she seeing? Nate? Or the mirror image of Rob?

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