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Ranch Dressing

Ranch Dressing


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Description for RANCH DRESSING by Janet Dailey:


Now she could make her dreams come true

Edie Gibbs stared at the check in her hand. She'd never imagined that the inventions Joe worked on during their eighteen years of marriage would provide a windfall after his death.

Actually, she had only one dream: to own a ranch in the Black Hills of South Dakota. And now, she could.

But it wasn't quite that simple. Her new ranch was a run-down wreck, and her neighbor, arrogant local rancher Will Maddock, made every encounter a battle. Sours dream, Edie told herself.


She'd known his type right from the start

When Charley Collins needed a cowboy for her Idaho ranch, she had no choice but to hire Shad Russell. He was a drifter and a loner--and undeniably attractive. Falling in love with a man like Shad would be asking for heartache.

"It's a fine life you lead, "she told him, "but it would be terrible for the girl foolish enough to think she could change you. "

"And you aren't a fool, " he replied. No, she wasn't a fool, Charley told herself. Bur that was before he kissed her ....

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