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Random Acts

Random Acts


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Description for RANDOM ACTS by Taylor Smith:

A random predator is terrorizing Southern California. After children start disappearing, it's up to the FBI's best to stop a killer.

Criminal profiler Laurel Madden is at the top of her field. But being the best comes at a price. Brilliant, beautiful and aloof, Agent Madden has a dark side and even darker secrets. Maybe that's why she understands the criminal mind so well.

Sent to cover the disappearance of the children, reporter Claire Gillespie arrives in California with another, more personal agenda: to rip away the veil of secrecy that surrounds and protects Madden. Claire has evidence that Madden committed murder...and got away with it. Until now. And Claire won't rest until there's justice for the victim - someone she cared about.

Between these two determined women stands veteran FBI agent Dan Sprague - torn by duty, loyalty to one woman and an intense attraction to the other that's as unwelcome as it is irresistible.

As the balance shifts dangerously between these three, one thing becomes clear: hunting killers is a dangerous game.

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