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Description for RAVEN by Laura Baker:

Once known as Raven, a thief of legend, mystery, and great cunning, Rheada Samuels grew up orphaned in the canyons of New Mexico, stealing valuable artifacts to support her sister.But Rheada is determined to leave that life behind.Now a tour guide in the canyons, she captivates listeners with stories of the land she knows and loves.But Rheada's past will reach out to snare her in a struggle with a man obsessed with unmasking and capturing the daring thief, even as it opens her heart to a desperate passion.An undercover cop haunted by his own past, Kee Blackburn finds himself trapped in the dark world Rheada is desperate to leave behind.His own younger sister, seduced by rumors of Raven, left to join the deadly world of artifact thieves--and lost her life.Fueled by a mad desire for revenge, Kee has spent three years in the canyons becoming like the criminals he hunts.Now, suspecting Rheada is Raven, he joins her tour group as a driver.But as he loses his heart to the woman he has sworn to destroy, he will be forced into a harrowing choice: redemption or sorrow.

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