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Ready, Willing And Abel

Ready, Willing And Abel


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Description for READY, WILLING AND ABEL by Nancy Martin:


Professor Abel Fletcher didn't believe in love at first sight. It had to be the sacred love stone he'd recently acquired that was making him act like such a dope. What else could explain his sudden attraction to coolly aloof Samantha Wyatt? And anyway the charm was supposed to turn her into his sex slave. Why wasn't she tearing off her clothes and falling at his feet?

Samantha knew she should stay far away from dangerously distracting Abel. She kept trying to convince the footloose adventurer that she wasn't interested in a relationship--especially with a man who traveled halfway around the world in search of lost treasures. But she knew if she wasn't careful, Abel would realize she was ready and willing!

This is Silhouette Desire #590, September 1990

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